The Jazz Cat Academy Podcast is now live! Check out Camden's tips on overcoming your musical weaknesses.

JAZZ CAT ACADEMY is your go-to resource website & podcast for tips on how to play jazz. Check out the new Jazz Cat Academy Podcast. No matter which instrument you play, we can help you expand your abilities as a jazz musician and improviser.


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Jazz Pianist, Multi-Instrumentalist, and Jazz Educator Camden Hughes is the host of JAZZ CAT ACADEMY. He brings 25+ years of experience as a jazz musician to help you on your journey.

Jazz Pianist

Established in 2016, PODCASTR has been well received by the business sector and recognized by many organizations. In 2019, PODCASTR won an iHeartPodcasts award in the category of Best in Business Advice. Other notable awards include:

Founder of LearnJazzStandards .com

Jazz Cat Academy is Camden's 2nd jazz education website. He founded, and worked on the site from 2010-2016.

Working Jazz Pianist

Camden brings over 25 years experience playing jazz, with thousands of gigs under his belt in a variety of musical settings.

Experienced Educator

Camden has 15+ years experience as a music educator, working at the college, high school, middle school, and elementary levels, in addition to working with adult learners.

Proven Results

Camden has helped thousands of students learn more about music over the years. Several of his former students are now professional musicians.

What We Cover

Jazz Improvisation

Jazz Improvisation is a journey. You have to be functional before you can be amazing. By doing the right things, you can accelerate your progress. We offer help for you to become a better improviser.

Jazz Theory

Understanding jazz theory is incredibly helpful for any jazz musician. Let Jazz Cat Academy help you to be able to navigate your way through changes, tunes, as well as basic building blocks like chords and scales.

Tips for Getting Better

We will be discussing a variety of topics helpful for musicians, including learning tunes, jazz comping, composing, transcribing, gear, music business ideas, and many other topics.

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